Sidewalk Stories - Women in Cairo's Public Spaces

Sunday, 10 May 2015 - 6:00pm
<p>SPREAD THE WORD!<br /> APPLY HERE: <a href=";h=RAQEARZqB&amp;enc=AZN1ORGzB0GOcGIzHaiDTRhMwfE5j5srlU_eWp9Xc7cdIKhos1dd_8B1Efqf-JkjmtY&amp;s=1" rel="nofollow nofollow" target="_blank"></a><br /> 'Sidewalk Stories' is a two day workshop which aims to offer young women from different communities a space where they can freely exchange their experiences of how being a women effects their daily movement in Cairo. In the warm atmosphere of MESAHA we will engage in creative discussion to see how our experiences overlap and how the might differ.<br /> Together we will look at the topic from two perspectives: How does the society and our own communities shape our identities and self-perception and what does it mean to enter the 'public space'. On the other hand we will focus on how we experience and deal with street harassment with the help of a text based discussion. An included WenDo session we offer ways of feeling safer in Cairo’s public spaces and teach us how to be more supportive of each other.</p>

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